Collection 1

December 2, 2014

Kindness to animals

One day, when the weather was cold and wet, a seven-year-old boy was coming home from school. He was alone. None of his classmates were with him since he had to stay behind at school to finish his work. He had his school bag on his shoulder and, because of the cold weather, he had his hands deep in his pockets. It was very cold and very wet.

The boy was walking quickly with his head down. He wanted to reach home soon and get warm. As he was walking, he was thinking to himself that when he gets home, his mother would have a warm room and delicious food ready for him. He imagined that, as he arrived home, he would take off his heavy wet clothes, and would sit next to the fire drinking hot tea, after which his mother would bring him a bowl of hot soup.

As he was quickly walking along, deep in thought, he heard the groaning of an animal, which sounded like the loud cry of a little baby who had lost its mother. At first, the boy wanted to ignore it and pass by. But when he heard the cry again, he stopped. When he listened carefully, he realized that the noise sounded like a little kitten, although it could not be seen. As he looked around carefully, he saw a beautiful little white kitten lying in the cold mud meowing (crying).

As the boy went closer, he saw that the animal was shivering, because of the cold. He felt sorry for the kitten and immediately picked it up. He realized that the animal was cold and wet. It had a runny nose and eyes. He took the kitten gently in his arms to take it home.

As soon as the animal felt a little bit of warmth in the boy's arms, its legs started to move. It looked with great love and appreciation at the boy, as if it were thanking him in its own language, saying: "Thank you good boy. You are very kind. If you had not found me, I would certainly have died at night because of the cold. What a very good boy you are. More than one hundred people have passed me since morning and have heard my cry. But none of them was kind to me. It just shows that you are a very good and a very kind boy. Thank you. I am grateful to you. I will promise to help and serve you. I will compensate you for your kindness."

The boy could read all these kind words in the kitten's loving eyes. He kept stroking it on the way home. When he arrived, his mother saw him putting down a nice white kitten from under his warm coat. She asked him where he found the kitten. He explained to his mother what had happened. The mother was proud of her son because of his kind action. She said, "Well done! My good boy! How kind and nice you are you for showing kindness to animals. God is also pleased with this action of yours." She prepared a place for the kitten in a corner of the room. She gave the kitten some milk and made sure that the animal was comfortable.

The kitten grew up in their home. It protected their home from mice and, whenever it saw the boy or other members of the household, it would go and rub its head and body against them, trying to thank them in its own special way for their kindness. 
(by A.A. Furutan, ‘Baha’i Education for Children, Book 1’)