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April 14, 2016

A Living Spirit: Thomas Breakwell

On a hot summer day in 1901, a young man named Thomas Breakwell walked the quiet streets of Paris, France, where he was visiting. The day was very still. Flowers did not nod in the gardens; there was no wind to make them dance. Leaves did not hum in the tall trees; there was no wind to make them sing.
Suddenly, Thomas felt the air begin to move. It rushed all around him, and the breeze seemed like a sweet voice saying "Christ has come again! Christ has come again!" The sound was so loving and happy that it made Thomas happy, too. He wondered if Christ really had come again, and when and where it might have happened.

The next day, Thomas went to see his friend, May Maxwell. May Maxwell was a Baha'i from America who went all over the world teaching the Baha'i Faith. She and Thomas had talked about God before, but she had not told him about the Baha'i Faith. When he spoke to her of the sound like a sweet voice in the wind that had said "Christ has come again! Christ has come again!", she told him that she was a Baha'i, and that Baha'is believe in Baha'u'llah, the Glory of God. Baha'u'llah, she said, had the same spirit as Christ, the Holy Spirit, and He was the One Who Christ promised would come. She also said that Baha'is must help all people to know and love Baha'u'llah, so that they will love each other and live in peace together.